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General Info
Build your cnc Fantastic site, good plans and instruction video's.
CNC Router Source More plans and information.
CNCZone CNCZone is THE site to visit for CNC info. Its a big forum based site, with years of information.


Cad, Autocad clone. Free to download the standard version.

Note: last time I checked the web site was down. Hopefully its not gone for good.
CamBam Cad and Cam. CamBam is in early development, but even at this stage its a great package.
Worth Trying
Good Reading A review of several free cad programs

KCam Windows based CNC program, easy to use and how I got started.
Mach 3 Another windows based CNC package. A little more advanced than KCam, but also more expensive and complicated to use. My current favorite.
EMC2 Linux based, very fast and smooth. Advanced users only, not user friendly but powerful.

Oatley Electronics Supply of single step controllers and interface circuits. Some small stepper motors.
Ocean Controls Microstepper controllers, larger stepper motors. They also carry a range of well priced servo motors and controllers
Jaycar / Altronics General electronic components.
Miniature Bearings Supplier of linear bearings, chains and sprockets, belts, lead screws and thread, etc.
United Fasteners Source of Acme thread in Australia. Very good price and service.