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Rod's cnc routers.

"Here are a couple of photos of builds I have done of gantry routers. Each
machine is different but you can see how they have evolved from Obott to
Nobot to Jabot to Rodot. Yes silly names for all my machines but it adds
character much like R2D2, etc.

Obott was my first and this photo shows it after a refit from skate
bearings to linear rails. From memory it does something like 800 by 550
by 125mm. I will never sell this machine and it has over one thousand
hours of cutting aluminum, wood and acrylics and is as accurate as the
day it was built.

Link to build here:

Nobott was the next and was very similar to Obott but a few mods to make
it better. Build detailed here:

Third machine was Jabott and this was just a fun little project using up bits and pieces I had accumulated.

Fourth Machine was Rodot and I took a lot of time modifying my design to improve the machine. Note the cranked gantry.

Here is a hybrid X2 mill I did. It has a larger table and very much modified column. Probably not the sort of thing you want on your site as it is more for metalwork site.

And finally the project I have just finished which is a standard X3 mill converted to CNC and then an enclosure built around it.

I have heaps of photos of finished products I have done which might help people see what things are possible on a CNC machine. It is funny but the first question everyone asks me after they build a machine is what can I make with it. I have also experiented with vacuum systems, touch plates, vacuum tables so plenty of material to add to your site.

Cheers, Rod"

Some samples of Rods work.