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Building my CNC Router


The following pages describe how I built my router, some of the problems I had along the way, and how I fixed them ( well, most of them ).

While this isn't a step by step procedure to build your own router, in fact at this time there are no plans at all, it is a source of useful information I've put together to help anyone else building their own CNC router.

The specifications of my CNC router
Work Space XYZ 1000mm * 500mm * 150mm
Actual Size 1300mm * 800mm * 300mm
Jog Speed 1200mm Minute
Max Cut Speed 1000mm Minute
Motors Stepper motors driven by micro stepper drives.
Drive Acme thread
Rails Ball Bearings on RHS

The router build is broken down into the following areas. Click on the links for the full story.

Power Supply
Interface Circuit
Stepper Drivers
Stepper Motors
Linear Bearings
Drive Thread
Router Head
And then after a couple years, a Rebuild