Energy Meter with Modbus.

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Anyone used anything like these for monitoring/logging?

Figuring my device of choice would be a Micromite, but not sure how many Micro forum members are in here.

Modbus Energy Meter.





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I have not tried them but Zeversolar use the SDM630-MT to connect to their remote monitoring interface so the company must be doing something right.
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Havent used the Eastrons but have 4 Hiking modbus 65amp meters doing s good job.

One has an external ct clamp, connected to the single phase mains, feed in.
It measures total energy input and export from the house.
The other three are direct connect type, and measure up to 65 amps these are connected to the outputs of our three solar inverters. these are all connected to a raspberry Pi
that monitors, there outputs. As well as the houses energy consumption.
Our son wrote all the software, and designed he web porthole, and monitoring.

It produces daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Plus uploads to PV Output org.

Our next job is to design some form of export control, at the moment when were making to much power e walk down stairs and switch of the dc isolators to one of the inverters.

Very scientific, So if anyone has an idea for rs485 controlled switching for 350volts dc at 15 amps, let me know. The basic plan is to temporally disconnect the dc to the inverter producing the lowest output. till export stops. then simple reconnect. The inverters, simply think it been night time. and restart in about 90 seconds.

If any one has any thought please feel free to jump in.

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Screen Cap

This is just the front Info Page See around the house. All inverters are on the inverters page.But from this we can see export, or import, and control inverters, or turn on or off air-con, etc.
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