Lucas Generator A900R L3

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Any pics?
I havent been able to find any hits for that part number, at first I thought it might be a c45 series, but I am now thinking that that 451 is the date stamp (ie april 1951)

pics might give more clues as to the type as the part numbers I havent found in any lucas literature to date (style of brush holders, end cap designs, pole piece mounting and shape etc are often a clue as to the base unit, which was often modified for specific end users eg they often used a common core with different end caps and even extra connections etc for specific users- a common core was used for both humbers and jensens, but with different mounts on the end caps

Its been years since I have even seen an old lucas generator

I second the suggestion of finding a local retired autoelec (most newer guys arent likely to have even seen a genny in person, retired ones more likely so)

There are many possibilities of what/how it works- some used self excitation methods that cut in once the wind speed/genny revs got high enough, others had a centrifugal switch arrangement to connect the fields to the battery once a certain windspeed was achieved

They needed some form of control system, as the field windings would rapidly discharge the battery if left connected without any wind generating power

Finding the correct reg if you dont have one could be problematic, as many regulators are model specific to their generators

edit to add typical, just posted and then found at least a little about them...

looks like my theory on the dating was wrong- or yours is a lot later than this one

Lucas A900R Dynamotor

about 1/2 way down the page has some info on how it works by a guy who has one on his
1932 Morris Cowley.... you may be able to track him down and contact him for more info?- try his homepage?
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