Lucas Generator A900R L3

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Its a weird beast, its both a starter motor AND an generator in the one unit...
Dont know about later models but the wiring diagram I found is a weird setup- its a constant voltage, constant current output apparently- with an internal field resistor inside, and an external one- usually fitted to the headlight switch(probably the one on the outside of his case) that basically increases the current output when the headlights were turned on....


I didnt find it at first as I was searching for generators, and lucas list this as a dynomotor, apparently bosche and several other companies made versions of it- and more surprisingly they are still used in some volvo marine motors as well (suppose its cheaper than a seperate magneto charging circuit if you are going to put in a starter moor, might as well use it for charging too if its only light loads light running lights and the like for small boats

Why it was being used in a windgenny???- anyones guess- ex manufacturers stock they could get cheap maybe?