Lucas Generator A900R L3

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First - thanks to all for replying. It's all grist to the mill .
I have taken some photos & added them to 'Google Photos, so hope that they will be clear enough.
A) The attached plate (photo 3) has the following written - dougt that it will help much!
Joseph Lucas Ltd
Dynamo must be mounted with this label on top.
Birmingham England.
B) Images 1&2 show a general view of the dynamo (1) & (20 shows the casing stampings.
C) Images 4,5&6. (4) is a top plate view. (5) shows the post (mentioned in original post). It is top the right of the brass fuse holder. (6) shows the fuse holder internal connection using a spring plate which is then attached to the field windings.
D) Images 7&8 show the brush holders, springs etc.
E) Are capacitors to prevent radio interference. TYwa1dSRHlPODBiSUhURk12bDVR