Lucas Generator A900R L3

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Not many would have come across these before Madness, the A900R is a strange beast indeed- its not a standard dynamo aka generator, its both a starter motor and an generator in the one unit. They had a combination field winding, part of which is dual duty for both functions. It apparently doesnt use a regulator in its standard configuration, with basically only two output levels- low and high amps out, set by changing resistance in the field windings. Add in the three brush system they normally had, and many auto sparkies (even the old schoolers) would be struggling to figure out how it works, I'm still not exactly sure myself as there is very little literature about them around (and I been in the field for thirty years, did some of my apprenticeship playing with gennies, but they were pretty rare even back then lol)
Add on this has probably been modified for use as a wind genny to boot and i's a big ask, any autoelec could probably nut it out eventually, they arent that complicated, but as a paying job would be $$$
If they know its history as a combination dynamo/startermotor (hence the dynamotor tag) it would be a lot quicker to decipher its workings- for many that didnt know its original use would spend a lot of time trying to figure out what and why they had the extra heavier windings in there etc, add in no original regulator (that may have been modified in its new role as a wind genny) and you have a real cludge of a beast lol

(for those that missed it before, corrected link for photos is available here Pics )

eta do you have pics of the steel 'springs'- I suspect what you are looking at those two 'springs' are actually a wire wound resister, these are the original 'regulator' that gave you the 'high amps out' or 'low amps out' settings...Edited by Boppa 2018-02-19