Lucas Generator A900R L3

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Boppa at the below link are a few photos of the springs - not sure that they are any clearer that previous ones. Must say I have never come across or been aware that these were used as a resistor.
Think that you may have a point re the use for charging a 12V battery(s). It will produce over 30V attached to an electric drill but I very much doubt that the propeller would ever get to that speed or have the power to turn it at that output.

Madness, we have been trying to find an 'Old Timer' but unfortunately been unable to find anyone, that combine with the fact that I reckon that we are probably the 'Old Timers' now!!
One of the other volunteers has come across another mill enthusiast who thinks that he may be able to do something - here's hoping.
Whatever I will let you all know how things go.