Lucas Generator A900R L3

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When used as a dynamotor there was originally one inside that connected to the + brush and went to one of the field windings, and another on the outside that went from the F connector to the headlight switch- these may have been removed in the conversion to a wind genny, dont know (I doubt the internal one would have been 'accidentally' removed, although the external one is a different matter- it just connected to the + battery connection and could have been disconnected/lost during the years)

They may have been removed during the conversion as they reduced the charging output, they may have just ran it flat out at all times, there still has to be some kind of external field reg tho, even if it is just a wind activated switch on the tail as some had, as it would otherwise draw field current from the battery when there was no wind and flatten it

Problem is I only have very limited info to draw on for them as a dynamotor, and only 'if I ran the zoo' ideas on what they could have done as a wind genny, they werent the most common beast around in their original role (only a handful of early cars and vans seemed to use them) and altho they 'look' like a generator, internally they are quite different (kinda like a generator and a starter motor all mushed up in the one case, some bits working in both roles, some bits only as a starter, others only as as a genny, add in all the stuff I have found suggests they only had a very primitive regulation system (pretty much low or high current output, at fixed rates).
This makes them a strange animal indeed!