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Posted: 02:33pm 17 Feb 2020      

Again thanks for all the comments!

I was running out of time, the current inductor allmost lost all his smoke.
But I was just in time to notice, there was a little bit to much power consumption, the induction stove, oven, microwave...

So had to speed up things and mount a more robust inductor. I just went for it and had the spare mosfets closeby ( fortunate not needed )
So I had to put in about 36mm airgap (2*18mm, it's more like an aircoil :) ) to get my 50µH, it's functioning about 2 weeks now. Fingers crossed it holds, sinewave does not change a lot under load. Now it's 30mm² instead of 10mm² should run a lot cooler with heavy loads.

It will be temporary, It dropped to my mind the pla from the coilformer is only rated for about 50°C, that is to little.
I must make a new coilformer with abs. The new coilformer will hold 6halves and will be suited for the whole powerrange this inverter can take. The airgap will be a lot smaller so should keep surprises away.
This inductor will move to a spare inverter or other project.

Sorry forgot to take a picture before mounting it in.
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