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  thwill said  

And a generation beyond that, well they are all too busy following C list celebrities and posting gossip about them on social media


My kids are playing games.
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  palcal said  One thing I have noticed is a distinct lack of ladies, even in IT today it seems to be a man's world.

Whilst it is true that IT is overburdened by testosterone my employer has two very good female developers, one in her 30's and one in her 50's, and also two excellent female QA engineers, plus a whole slew of talented female chemical engineers and administrative staff.

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Girls don't like playing with complicated things which might be dirty.

That was the conclusion voiced by a bunch of guys from NOW - the National Organization for Women - 35 years ago. They found out that Pan Am had 8300 people in the maintenance department and only 118 had a testosterone deficiency. NOW descended on us like a swarm of locusts thinking that they could get good jobs for a few hundred girls. Our HR lawyers told them that we would hire any female with the required FAA/FCC licenses and a related associates degree or military experience. NOW started beating the bushes looking for unemployed girls. In short order 42 showed up at HR of which 23 had the required licenses and education, so we walked them around the hangar acquainting them with the various departments. When they found out that they would have to rotate shifts, (Midnight, Afternoon, Day spells MAD), and that the hangar floors are usually slippery from the thin film of Skydrol hydraulic fluid that seems to be everywhere and destroys shoe soles all but four dropped out.

NOW disappeared. They had spent a lot of money trying to attract girls to fill good paying jobs and nobody came. We hired the four girls who weren't dismayed by the conditions. Three of them started dating male technicians and were married within four years. The fourth proved to be a really sharp technician who learned the 747 Sperry autopilot system inside and out, was supervising a crew of 14 technicians after only 4 years with Pan Am and is now a technical manager at Delta in Atlanta.

There is an undeniable, discernable and demonstratable difference between men and women. Now that I'm working on my ninth decade here I've concluded that I will never figure out what it is .... but I'm really glad it exists.

Paul in NY



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This is me, Hi!



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Welcome to the Forum..!!   Tell us a bit of yourself...



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About me:
I am 54 years old, live in Denmark
My education is electrical engineering and I have been hooked on programming since the 80's. When I was 15 years old I got a HP-41 CV calculator and that sent me off to another dimension.
For a long time I was a big fan of Java, but for the last 8 years it has been JavaScript.
I have a homepage with my creations: .
I have decided to concentrate all my creativity and spare time on the CMM2.
I have some other hobbies besides CMM2: painting, cooking, walking and Legos.
No pets currently and my kids have left the nest.


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  handmixer said  I have a homepage with my creations

Nice webpage. I liked the model railroad layout. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure with your experience you'll enjoy the CMM2.

Martin H.


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Hi, my name is Andreas and I'm living in Bavaria, Germany next to Munich.
I'm married and have three children. My age will be 62 next week.
I started with an HP9100A computer from school and bought an TRS-80 in 1979.
Later I connected the HP-9125 plotter to the TRS-80 and programmed the interface
in MMS-FORTH. I have an diploma in computer science and did work many years
for a publishing company and in the automotive industry mostly responsible
for computer networks, computers & services. I have my own IT consulting company
since 2010 and lot's of time playing with Raspberry Pis and electronics.
I love to write little programs for non-existing problems in MMBASIC,
Bash Script and Python. My favorite OS is Linux & my favorite computer
brand is Fujitsu.


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Living in Atlanta, Ga.  Grew up in Europe and New England. (Mother is from just outside Munich, small world)

Worked for (Digital, Compaq, HP) 37 years.
Been an electronic hobbyist since 1974.

1st Computer - Radio Shack Color Computer
1st Computer experience, creating "hello world" basic program on punch cards for one of MIT's computers... and waiting until the next week to get results.  

Still having fun.
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Retired in 2019 from One Floral Group greenhouse growers. Programming Microsoft Business Solutions Navision.

Worked for many different industries some of which where; St Catharines Standard Newspaper, Slater Steels Corporation, Red-D-Arc Welder Rentals and One Floral Group.

Started programming on a  Burroughs Corporation B6500 Electronic Data Processing System using IBM 129 Key punched cards. Fun WOW!

My 1st home computer was a home brew MC6809 on an S100 buss running FLEX09 OS.

My home computers now are a Mac and Raspberry Pi 4.

Hans ...



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Ummm I've Never written a Real Resume or CV or had a real Job interview so please try to eat the word Salad ahead.
my First computer was a Challenger II P with 2 floppies and basic boot prom.

My professional life began working for MOSTEK, I moved on to working for Sugar Water Mfg. doing IT Management. then moved to 3Com where I Got an education in Networking. I ended my working life working for intervoice doing touchtone invoice response systems then freelance IVR DB/2  DB400 jobs and IVR contracts  

I was a Novell CNE and SUN Solution Provider. I was a general purpose  network geek

after a life time of being a PC Believer and a SUN Microsystems Elitist Snob, I'm an Apple guy with a PC For Apps I can get on Mac like Autocad 2002 and Sprint Layout

Again please remember I'm, from Texas so English isn't my Native Language


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Removed your duplicate post(by your own admission), just to keep things tidy.
I enjoyed this thread, and still do when people rediscover it and add new photos.
Nice to put a face to all the members' names.



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Hi. I am almost 60 and live in a small town in Oklahoma. I have retired from the stressful life of commercial truck driving and now work at a welding shop, next to my tiny home, which is owned by my little brother. Just waiting it out for retirement these days, taking it easy. I have two daughters who have their own lives and have given me six beautiful grandchildren, the oldest being 19 and in college! I have 225 sport skydives, but my health doesn't allow for that much fun anymore   At heart, I am a computer programmer. Not a very good one, mind you, just good enough to get into trouble and have to call my friends to get me out   My first computer was a Vic-20 in the winter of '81, but didn't keep it long because the lack of ram was frustrating. I later purchased an Atari 600XL, and again, the lack of ram had me trading it in for a Coco-2 with 2 floppy drives. After a bit of trying to write commercial software with a friend, I exchanged it for an 800XL and loved it. I kept that machine until I left the US Air Force in '91. I have no idea where it is now, but a few years ago the wife I had then gave me a 130XE for Christmas. I am waiting to pair it with a modified 3.5" floppy drive from the Atari ST series, to see in a few days if it's going to work. In the meantime, I saw the Color Maximite 2, but there were none in stock so I ended up with a PicomiteVGA. And I love it. It's a blast! My first program is a maze generator (just like in the old days lol) and it's actually very appealing visually, but I don't know where to share it yet. Thanks to all who have made this project and this forum possible. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it.


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for a given occasion a picture. I am now in your guys time zone 48 years. Thanks for mmBasic, the PicoMite and the great forum here.
My start was the C16 and then the PC1 from Commodore. Disk 2 with GW-Basic kept me busy in the first years as a 14 year old, unfortunately there was no internet yet and in my circle of friends only people with C64 or Amiga 500. Only the local library and self study remained :-)



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Me and my son John

Best Regards,