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Girls don't like playing with complicated things which might be dirty.

That was the conclusion voiced by a bunch of guys from NOW - the National Organization for Women - 35 years ago. They found out that Pan Am had 8300 people in the maintenance department and only 118 had a testosterone deficiency. NOW descended on us like a swarm of locusts thinking that they could get good jobs for a few hundred girls. Our HR lawyers told them that we would hire any female with the required FAA/FCC licenses and a related associates degree or military experience. NOW started beating the bushes looking for unemployed girls. In short order 42 showed up at HR of which 23 had the required licenses and education, so we walked them around the hangar acquainting them with the various departments. When they found out that they would have to rotate shifts, (Midnight, Afternoon, Day spells MAD), and that the hangar floors are usually slippery from the thin film of Skydrol hydraulic fluid that seems to be everywhere and destroys shoe soles all but four dropped out.

NOW disappeared. They had spent a lot of money trying to attract girls to fill good paying jobs and nobody came. We hired the four girls who weren't dismayed by the conditions. Three of them started dating male technicians and were married within four years. The fourth proved to be a really sharp technician who learned the 747 Sperry autopilot system inside and out, was supervising a crew of 14 technicians after only 4 years with Pan Am and is now a technical manager at Delta in Atlanta.

There is an undeniable, discernable and demonstratable difference between men and women. Now that I'm working on my ninth decade here I've concluded that I will never figure out what it is .... but I'm really glad it exists.

Paul in NY