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Ummm I've Never written a Real Resume or CV or had a real Job interview so please try to eat the word Salad ahead.
my First computer was a Challenger II P with 2 floppies and basic boot prom.

My professional life began working for MOSTEK, I moved on to working for Sugar Water Mfg. doing IT Management. then moved to 3Com where I Got an education in Networking. I ended my working life working for intervoice doing touchtone invoice response systems then freelance IVR DB/2  DB400 jobs and IVR contracts  

I was a Novell CNE and SUN Solution Provider. I was a general purpose  network geek

after a life time of being a PC Believer and a SUN Microsystems Elitist Snob, I'm an Apple guy with a PC For Apps I can get on Mac like Autocad 2002 and Sprint Layout

Again please remember I'm, from Texas so English isn't my Native Language