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Hi. I am almost 60 and live in a small town in Oklahoma. I have retired from the stressful life of commercial truck driving and now work at a welding shop, next to my tiny home, which is owned by my little brother. Just waiting it out for retirement these days, taking it easy. I have two daughters who have their own lives and have given me six beautiful grandchildren, the oldest being 19 and in college! I have 225 sport skydives, but my health doesn't allow for that much fun anymore   At heart, I am a computer programmer. Not a very good one, mind you, just good enough to get into trouble and have to call my friends to get me out   My first computer was a Vic-20 in the winter of '81, but didn't keep it long because the lack of ram was frustrating. I later purchased an Atari 600XL, and again, the lack of ram had me trading it in for a Coco-2 with 2 floppy drives. After a bit of trying to write commercial software with a friend, I exchanged it for an 800XL and loved it. I kept that machine until I left the US Air Force in '91. I have no idea where it is now, but a few years ago the wife I had then gave me a 130XE for Christmas. I am waiting to pair it with a modified 3.5" floppy drive from the Atari ST series, to see in a few days if it's going to work. In the meantime, I saw the Color Maximite 2, but there were none in stock so I ended up with a PicomiteVGA. And I love it. It's a blast! My first program is a maze generator (just like in the old days lol) and it's actually very appealing visually, but I don't know where to share it yet. Thanks to all who have made this project and this forum possible. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it.