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Roger, glad you liked the 2 pics & you are right the Eltek frame is bomb proof lol made it out of stuff I had lying around - somewhat over engineered but cost nothing except for some time - it has a motley collection of screws that I will update as soon as I get a couple of boxes of different length 4mm countersunks.

The cores are RM6 ungapped, I will post a schematic and mounting pics as soon as I get back to my workshop. I am not at my normal location again until the weekend. The mounting is using right angle dual row 0.1" pin header and there are two mounting options - your method would work but I suggest using the el cheapo prototype service they would slug you for the slots !

If you want any second hand Flatpack 2s tested & working there is an ebay source @ $60 ea + freight.

Tony thanks for posting a good description of how it can be done. In my case software is not one of my skills & I was thinking an analogue solution to give Poida a rest. He seems to be somewhat over worked and underpaid. So I wondered about using the variac code and some analog circuitry. I was also considering using current sensing from the supply side to compensate for FET bridge/transformer etc losses, the feedforward system corrects for the supply voltage differences and the current sense tweaks for the other losses - I reckon it would be almost as good as secondary sensing - I was a bit concerned about overall stability - I am assuming this has been tried and proven in things youve already done before and stability is a non issue?
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