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Certainly a valid point Mike.

If you look at this from just the current compensation aspect, the inverter is going to have a finite output impedance, made up by all of the various cumulative small resistances in the transformer, mosfets, and wiring.
As we know, that is where our voltage droop comes from.

Now if we use input current sensing to cancel out some of that, the inverter output impedance will be reduced, theoretically down to zero should be possible.

If we overcompensate so that the inverter has an overall negative output impedance, we might be in trouble.  But the inverter load will add some additional positive series impedance to the inverter impedance, even if its slightly negative.
Unless the overcompensation is set outrageously high, the whole thing should still remain quite stable.

Anyhow, we will know for sure once my Hall effect sensor arrives in three weeks or so.
Cheers, Tony.