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  plover said  Is the 3 kW load the maximum for the unit or just a 'decent' test load on a bigger unit.

I do read the post as performance from zero to 'full load'

Klaus built it as a 7.5Kw Inverter. He is just doing some bench testing and initial messing about with it, and he did mention that he has a fan heater and a flood light he is using as convenient test loads.

He has also tested it with an airconditioner and microwave oven and is feeding power back into the battery from a grid tie inverter.  He is trying all kinds of things just to get a feel for what it can do and how it responds.

Klaus is particularly impressed by the clean sine wave that never distorts no matter what kind of horrible loads or inrush currents he connects. If the voltage does not change with a zero to 3Kw step change, its hardly likely to vary much with a much higher load.
Cheers, Tony.