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Posted: 10:30pm 08 Dec 2019      

I was very curious about this feed-forward system

that's why I asked you about it to begin with

you said any volunteers on pwm

I'm sure that probably meant a volunteer that knew what they was doing

Not a monkey see monkey do type of volunteer

I have several hall effect sensors if you can use any of them

I could maybe try to overnight them to you let me know if you're interested

This offer is not Limited to hall effect sensors

it also is not limited just to warpspeed

Anything that I have that I am not using

I will donate for free

to anyone on here

If it is a very heavy item then the person receiving might have to pay part or full shipping

This is the very least I can do to help out

I have received a very large amount from this form
( that means from all of you guys)

I have contributed very little

It would make me very happy to help in any way that I can