Big chokes 31 bucks

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Posted: 06:25am 06 Mar 2020      

There is enough information there to reverse engineer that.

Green/yellow core looks like Micrometals powdered iron mix 40.

Part number T520-40D which is the largest size available. 5.2" OD, 3.08" ID, height 1.6"

Published Al value 240nH for one turn.  Fifty one turns 51 x 51 x .24uH = 624uH which is pretty close to what you measured.
It very likely has 50 turns.

Looking at the magnetization curve, it has a very soft saturation characteristic.
At 100 Orsteads about 40% of initial permeability.
That works out to 40% of 624uH = 250uH at 52 amps.

At 200 Orsteads about 22% of 624uH = 55uH at 104 amps.

All very nice, and pretty fair value for $31 US dollars.
That's about roughly $50 Aussie bux.

Nice find Ben.
Cheers,  Tony.