Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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  renewableMark said   So your going 8 wire from your nano control board to power board?

Would have been great to see a ten pin connection to make them interchangable for the Poida nano control board design.

Thanks for the reply Mark. The inverse optocoupler design is not really compatible with the standard FET drives from any existing controller boards without another interface board.

If I am going to present a design, I am happy to be responsible and to help others as much as I am able. There is a risk that by trying to interface to existing methodology it might also create issues that I dont really want to contend with. The optocouplers are integral to my power boards and have buffers attached all with very short PCB tracks.

Here is a block diagram of the concept:
The top unit has 16 FETs in total, the bottom configuration would have 32 FETs in total.

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