Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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Posted: 01:09pm 14 May 2019      

Im sure there will be plenty of scope shots in due course!

Time to post the schematics:
First the Power PCB 2019-05-14_230249_4KW_PWR.pdf

The Nano controller: 2019-05-14_230332_WG_Nano1.pdf

And the Isolated supply for the Power board. 2019-05-14_230431_Isolated_Supply.pdf

Now back to PCBWay issue. Previously I had more than one prototype on a panel and cut them out myself.

Today they want to treat them as more than 1 type despite being a single file, single origin reference, no routing or V grooving etc just a plain plain old PCB.

So I have reluctantly separated them and submitted 2 prototypes. They still have multiples on each PCB but only the one design. Well see how they choke on that ....
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