Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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I see your power module will basically work with Tony's Warpverter as well.

RE: Panelization (JLCPCB), After I got stung a little bit on multiple designs on one PCB I found this.
JLCPCB Panelization

  Quote  If you are just in the prototype phase and want to save money, then you can use the following trick. Place your different designs all inside one overall board outline and use lines drawn in the silk layer to mark out the separate the PCBs. Then, when you receive the PCB, carefully cut them apart yourself (we recommend you do this before you assemble the PCBs!). Like the PCB shown below, the yellow lines are drawn in the silk layers showing how you can merge 3 different PCBs in one gerber without incurring any extra costs.