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Posted: 12:47pm 16 May 2019      

The high current connectors I intend to use for the battery and choke are these
They are $66 per 100 or you can get these $9.63 for 5.

I am leaning towards the $9.63 solution - just wondering if anyone else is interested in some heavy duty connectors for any of their projects? If I buy 5, I am 1/6 of the way to getting 20 times more. I dont mind funding a quantity buy if there is any interest.

For the capacitor board standoffs I will use 6 of these per board I need to buy 100 for ~ $40. If anyone wants some sing out I'll have plenty. Note the first 6 pin larger M5 ones are tinned copper, the 4 pin type are tinned brass rated at 33A. Interesting that the dimensions and material of the 6 pin types have 120A and 100A ratings respectively ? metric amps versus imperial amps ??

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