Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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Posted: 07:45pm 16 May 2019      

  wiseguy said  
I went and fired up the circuit and took some scope shots.
The first shot is with no load, the nominal 12V was 18.1V. Loaded with a 220K it became 13.3V, 33K was 12.9V, 470R was 12.02 and 150R 10.9V

I am comfortable that the 2.5mA minimum of the FOD3182 opto will keep it well under control and around 12.5V. The UCC3080 driver seems well suited in this app.

Yup, that is pretty much what I was seeing.
In my case the required dc was +15v, and under no load conditions would reach about +20v.
I just added a 16v zener, and problem solved.

I would probably still be doing it that way if those little Chinese two dollar postage stamp power supplies had not become available.

Cheers,  Tony.