Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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Posted: 10:48pm 16 May 2019      

Those bolt down high current connectors look like really good stuff.
I have never used them myself, but only because I did not know about them.

They open up a lot of possibilities to run aluminium busbars raised above board level that can pass over the top of other tracks and even components.

Getting back to thermal design.
One idea I have used successfully, is to first bolt mosfets onto a copper block, then bolt the copper block onto the heatsink.

That is probably of very limited value if the back of the heatsink is really thick, say 10mm thick or more.

But if the heatsink is something like a very large flat sheet of 3mm aluminium, the thermal gradient right around the mosfet can be rather high. Something like a 50mm x 25mm x 3mm block of copper under the mosfet tab can make a significant difference to the heat flow path.

This is the last remains of a very old project that shows the idea:

Cheers,  Tony.