Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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  BenandAmber said   I also read a article that said legs of mosfet get the hottest

And that you should put them down in the bored as close as possible

Then I compared the size of the legs of the smaller mosfet and the larger ones

The larger mosfet has much larger legs and if the legs are what gets the hottest it would seem to me the larger mosfets are better

What do you think Wiseguy and Tinyt

Would value your thoughts on this

I prefer the bigger FETs when dealing with lots of energy & current. There are some pretty amazing TO220 mosfet specs but it doesnt sit comfortably with me when you put them alongside a TO247 package - cause they look tough! I have not used any electronic engineering data to back this up, consider this a gut feel or anecdotal assessment!

I also like the mounting of TO247 and the surface area for heat transfer and yes the legs are much more substantial - If I have the space I will use TO247 any day.
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