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Thanks for looking into the code and finding out what was going on - I suspected we had some asynchronous stuff going on and we shifted something whilst no one was looking....

What I wanted to achieve was not just shortening the count up but at the SST = 100, I wanted the power level to have stepped up to power level = 100/1000.

ie Ramp-up sine does not begin at zero but steps in at the SST = ? value.

When I had looked at the code I saw that further down there was a power level routine that appeared to start at 1/1000 I suspect it needs to start at the 100/1000 but still incrementing at 1/1000 steps from there.

That was going to be my next experiments in the code if it needed more tweaks and that sst =100 did not give me the 10% power increment start. But I broke it before I got that far. I am not worried at the relatively low energy step jump at the start - yes I know they are my Mosfets.....

I have a theory that if the transformer is soft stopped we could probably start the power level at even up to 50% without a loud "boing" thing happening but I was going to get there starting from ~ 10% and slowly get larger from there.

My DC bench testing is usually done at 46 volts. Real life running values is from 53V down to 44V, with most of the running time at ~ 48 - 51 Volts.  I prefer to do most experiments where if there is a Vfb issue the output voltage wont get much higher than ~ 245V.

Reminds me of that saying, "Life sucks then you die" haha
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