Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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Posted: 09:39am 12 Jul 2022      

Peter the inverter is working again and I am using the latest code unmodified.

My pioneering spirit to play with the code has lost some of its appeal for the moment.

I realised this when despite checking the operation of the Power PCB on all legs of the bridge and powering the bridge from a low energy power supply starting from 1V and increasing it to 30VDC, it then still took me quite a few minutes to get up the courage to hit it with 46V and nothing to limit current anymore.

It wasn't spectacular at all, it still grunted at me and I grunted back and said thank you.

Sometime in a few days I will play with the code some more but first I will put a small series resistor on the transformer primary until I am confident that there are no glitches lurking waiting for an opportunity to take out more FETs.

Thanks for the fiddle friendly code too.  If I wanted to try a really slow ramp can I just replace all the 1000's with 2000 and the 1001's with 2001 ?
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