Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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  wiseguy said   ¬†Eventually I will have a wheeled trolley with nano inverter, battery storage, battery charger, grid feed inverter and a few other bits all in one easily moved and easily worked on trolley.

I of course am considering employing a complicated (over complicated?) setup where if the power requirements of the load exceed 3 or 4kW then the second transformer is switched in parallel to assist with energy throughput and minimise losses and heat build up. At this stage I dont think a separate power H bridge driver from a common controller is required as I think the one H bridge with the 16 x HY5608s should cope ok.

Mike, you might want to think about that all on one a single trolley idea.

My dual stack inverter (2 x 3KW cores) weighs around 50kg. Adding a decent size GTI and battery charger would more than double this weight.
But my battery trolley with 20KW of lithium batteries is over 150kg. Combining all that would make for a very heavy trolley, heavy steel sections and beefy (expensive) castors.

If you are considering LA batteries then it will be much heavier still, beside I think it's not a good idea to have electronics and big (LA) batteries in close proximity.

Your other (over complicated ) idea of switching two cores in parallel, or not as power demands, is something I would not consider at all. For a start, you need two heavy primaries to be switched as well, which complexity and expense would surely negate any saving from miniscule idle current gains.

< 20W all up idle power for a 5+KW inverter is much better than many very expensive commercial units.
Put your money toward decent batteries and solar capacity and you win in the long term.

To give you an idea what works here: I had 5KW of panels and 20KW of battery capacity which (with similar power demand you quote) drained the bank down to 70% of its capacity overnight, usually. The battery bank was back full by mid morning in Summer and late morning in Winter.

IMO 16 HY4008's are good for 5+KW, no problem here with that.