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Posted: 11:45am 29 Mar 2023      

Some good news, I dodged a bullet, the third Aerosharp is the same transformer as the first. the second Aerosharp is not identical just nearly, it measures 210mm across.
Aerosharps 1 & 3 measured 220mm across. Heights of all 3 were the same ~ 90mm.

Some pictures below
No 1) Production Date 6/4/10

No 2) Production Date 24/2/11

No 3) Production Date 15/3/10

I was just lucky that 1 and 3 were close together in manuf. dates

All inverters have the exact same model number on their stickers.
The only downside is the idling current of unit 3 is ~ 13.5W, unit 1 is ~ 12W.
The odd one out with the slightly smaller diameter was the lowest at ~ 9.5W

So I now have ~ 39 electrolytics, 16 Hall effect current sensors, 9 x large C-cores 3 large boxes with BIG heatsinks and crap all over the place - so many circuit boards screws and cables - anyone want some stuff ?

Roger the picture of your Eaglerise Transformer dated 28/3/10 was made 13 days after my number 3 and 9 days before my number 1.

I will post this before I lose it.......