Nano Power Inverter - Roll Your Own Style

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Posted: 04:44pm 30 Mar 2023      

Mike, I did not realise that you have a quite small battery (compared to mine which is now 25KWh), so your all on one trolley idea now makes more sense than my set up:

one large (20KWh) and one medium (5KWh) battery trolley
one good size (6KW) inverter and a bigger warp inverter
one 3.6KW GTI on the wall
one 2KW GTI on the wall
two MPPT chargers on the wall (one is a spare)
plus various electronics to monitor cell voltages, solar string currents, battery voltage sensing to turn off GTI when full

Since there is always way more solar (and battery) power available than I'm using I do not really worry much about idling currents. I think all those electronics, displays & meters here draw their fair share of standby power too.