H743Zi2 Board

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Posted: 12:43am 27 Jun 2019      

Just had a look at the circuit of the V1 board:

I have 3v3 on PG6 (USB PWR)
I have 3v3 on the LED's

Going by the V1 circuit:

A: I don't have USB VBUS from the USB switch (U12 in the V1) (U8 in the V2)

B: There is 5v into switch U8.

Without a V2 circuit I don't really know what drives the Enable line to switch U8.

I'm sure this is just a link issue as I have TWO V2 boards and both are the same.

EDIT : Also removed: SB77 OFF = PD10 available IOEdited by KeepIS 2019-06-28
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