H743Zi2 Board

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Posted: 02:32am 27 Jun 2019      

After proving everything was correct, I placed a 470 ohm from +5V to pin 1 of the USB PWR control switch U8.

Green LED for USB V turned on.

Plugged in the Keyboard and replaced 470 ohm with 4.7 ohm to power the keyboard.

Pressed the Reset button and **** the Keyboard worked.

Looks like both the SS switches (U18) are Faulty???? Fortunately easy replacement.

On a new Board with unmodified links I think the user USB LED should light when you connect/power the Board via the STLINK USB port?

Could others with this board see if LED LD8 (next to the E-Net SKT) lights straight out of the box.


It's all too hard.