H743Zi2 Board

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I made a test program to pulse the pins I use for my bigger project. Each push of the PCB mounted Blue user button, moves the pulse along the connector pins, a DSO probe sits nicely in the solder pin holes and a PULSE waveform quickly confirms the pin is working as a general IO. So far I've found the two PINS listed below that didn't work, they gave no errors during initialisation and they are disconnected by default.

So far I've only checked the 31 IO pins that I use in the project.

If you use the ST morpho connector CN14:

Pin 1 -> PC9 bridge SB15
Pin 2 -> PC8 bridge SB14

Pins come not connnected to help with SDMMC card data line interferance.

The Pinout labels on the board also have errors, PG3 and PG2 are both marked as No connection (NC), however they both work.

Until my connectors turn up I can't test the LCD or SD connection, has anyone tested an LCD and SD card on the newer board?

I'm trying to make sure all the pins I use are consistent between both board versions before finalising the interface board.

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