H743Zi2 Board

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Posted: 05:00am 03 Jul 2019      

Just a little progress, I finally got my stackable headers and fitted them a few minutes ago.

The ZI board was swapped out of the controller for the ZI2 board. The screen works and calibrates and the main software fired up and ran.

One big problem, the ZI2 board will not initialise when power is applied. It will start on a reset though.

A: It will start if the USB port is connected to the PC - I have a feeling that causes a reset when EXT 5v power is applied.

B :It will not start at power up via EXT 5V (USB not connected - see A)

C: It will start if reset is pushed after Power up.

D: Yes, the green power LED on the board is ON when EXT 5V is connected indicating the processor part of the board is powered.

Finally, there happens to be a buffered Yellow user led connected to PE1, PE1 is LCD DB1, that LED flashes when video is running, it's not ON after just a power up, but it's flashing after a reset (obviously), again indicating there is something funny with the power startup and reset?

BTW the interface board plugs into the H7 boards, it plugs in one way only, I can't connect anything up in correctly.

More work for me tomorrow

It's all too hard.