2nd Edition OZINVERTER book/manual

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Hi Clockman,

Gee , you and I go back years -must be more than 15 ,maybe.

nice work on your book ,hope it takes off big time.

Couple of the old hands said you may be able to help me ?

I've a lightning spiked powerstar W7 6000  48 volt  that lights all the less up on turn-on ,but after about 3-5 seconds it shuts down ..

I've replaced the blue ceramic disc over voltage preventer (I forget the correct name ).

Anyhow , no marks, burns, melts, black areas ,,so something has died ,lol.

Do you have /know of a supplier  of the control board ,Etc.

(oh, I did the Oztiles /energy matters toroidal conversion ,years ago , and it has worked perfectly ever since I got it.til now?.

hoping you might throw some light on ,repair or replacement ,sorry, forgot your name , but remember you are a pom living in frog land,lol.sorry.bloomin Ozzies are hard cases.

Wish you and your family all the best ,take care.

Bruce and Ilda .
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