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Thanks Quazee. Yeah once the forum has been ported I'll add a donate button. I've rejected the idea of a donate button for years, but maybe its time to add it.

Thanks Poida. The forum rewrite is just boring old coding stuff, its not difficult, there just a lot to do, which I dont mind. I look at the old ASP pages for idea's, then write the new pages from fresh. The goal is it will function more or less the same as it does now, so members wont need to learn anything. Do you have any experience with creating the export files to import into Reckon ( Quickbooks )? Thats a area I need to take on for another project and might need some help.

No code written today. But good news, I had to get a cancer removed from my nose last week, a BCC. Lots of stitches and a big bill from the doc. Results came back, they got it all and a good margin, so thats a big relief.

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