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Posted: 04:03pm 28 Jul 2019      

Hi Glenn, great job on the site - working faster now.

Strange thing happened tonight though, I got multiple emails ~10 from radar (Neil) and ~ 40 from Madness's reply to neil. And another 8 from Madness's next reply
The two addresses are:
One listed as Forum Index : : Inverter PCBs
The other as Forum Index : Electronics : Inverter PCBs

Madness reply to Neil also listed as
Forum Index : : Payment FYI

and a later one as
Forum Index : : pcb's FYI
But my email subject heading was The Back Shed : pcb''s (not Forum Index : : pcb's)

When I use the search for PCB''s it returns me with PCB''''s
Sorry for the cryptic report but this is what I got !
My notifications arent even set to receive from any of these Topics

I set the email out nice but the preview has it all squished up.
Lastly the private message function when replying to a message doesnt have a "post message" just a "save" (that seems to post the reply)
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Cheers Mike