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Posted: 12:08pm 31 Jul 2019      

Hi Glenn, I'd read the thread before it went into the stickies and then tried to login. I had trouble trying to put the new e-mailed password in though but I think it was my fault in hitting the "Login" box because I didn't see the "Reset Password" box which is at the bottom extremity of my screen - my fault. In my defense I was in holiday mode in Noosa but now I'm back in Melbourne - unfortunately!

I wrote you a "thank you" reply then but it didn't post properly so I'll do it again now that I've "Reset Password" properly and it worked.

Thanks for all you do, and have done, and especially at the moment the effort into re-doing all the code and database. This forum is an invaluable resource for all the members, not to mention an important "home away from home" for many.

Best Regards,