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Hi MarkF

The problem is the guy who wrote the forum code works as a software developer all day, and he has a backlog of work. He also has bad eyes now, and finds writing code a strain and looks forward to retirement. So things like the forum, and a few of his other projects, are not a priority. Basically, the paid works comes first, then the other projects get a look in.

But, if some members were willing to take on the job of updating the forum code, I'm ok with that. The intention was it was going to be open source one day anyway, so may as well share it with you guys. PHP and MySQL experience needed, and I would need to approve any changes.

More mobile friendly. That would be easier if no one used a bloody iphone.

Ability to edit posts. Only possible until someone else replies to the post. So, you cant edit your post if someone has replied to it. Reason -

You post: Bill is a liar.
Bills mate replied: No he isnt, I know him and thats not true.
You edit your post to say: Bill is a honest guy.

Post order. Clicking a button to go to the last page isn't a chore. Rotating the car tires is a chore, clicking a button is easy.