24v Nano/Madinverter

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Posted: 11:10pm 22 Sep 2019      

Poida, what is the 0W in the bottom right?
If it is meant to be watts, mine isn't working.

Also what is the offset settings for?

ALSO, found something great, it can be left with the DC power on, but the inverter not actually running, (so caps still kept charged) and it only uses 0.05A.

Then the single momentary button brings it to life, then it uses 0.34A @idle with the 240v available.

So basically it can be in "sleep mode" with caps staying charged and it uses only 1.25 watts.

So I won't need to teach the wife a start up procedure, just leave the dc on and caps charged and she can just hit the round ON/OFF button.
Even left on overnight that won't draw bugger all.
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