24v Nano/Madinverter

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0W in bottom right corner is the product of DC volts and DC current.
IF there are available values for both, and they are sensible values,
then we get a DC current value visible and a DC power value.

Offset settings are needed due to many and varied methods we can use to
feed the nanoverter it's inputs.
The analog to digital conversion requires a voltage from 0 to 5V.

I like to use LEM closed circuit control Hall effect current sensors
for DC current. These are totally isolated, need 5V supply and give output
of 0V for -50A, 2.5V for 0A and 5V for 50A
I expect the zero amp sensor output to be close to 2.5V but never exactly
what the nano sees as 2.5V
So I need to obtain zero offsets for both current sensor inputs.

I have offsets for both NTC thermistors, so I can have them both showing the same
temperature when they are exposed to the same temperature.
I could not leave it be when I saw 5 degC difference between two thermistors which
were seeing the same temperatures.

The latest code for nano2 has a display of output AC amps and AC VA
I label it as "W" but again, it's the product of AC volts and current.
It is ignorant of power factor.

latest code (AC power display):

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