length of dc cable run

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Posted: 01:23am 14 Sep 2019      

I've installed 2.5Kw of panels with 3 strings on one lot and 2 strings on the other -both will be 48 volt configuration,

The strings are around 5-7 Mtrs of 6mm solar twin to the breaker box ,which will have 5 mcb's on the positive -all negative feeds will terminate on a brass block.

The Main feed after the breakers for positive and negative will be 10mm sq. double insulated cable in conduit  back 10Mtrs to the solar regulator .

My question is ,and I hope I'm right, will the 10mm sq. feeder cable be within the safe operating limit for 2.5 Kw of panels ...
(I've NEVER seen the full stated output from solar panels and I'm thinking I won't see  2.5 Kw ,maybe 2Kw max )

OK, any thoughts on this particular feed'er question??