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  PicFan said  If I understood the problem correctly, an example with the console as input:


your code is good but not the best, bcause on return from your subroutine, you don't know why you come back. You must test inp$ to know, and  remenber that timer work all time (and you can use timer on other sub) and for that an loop "do..while" with timer cond is not the more stable coding.

I propose other code, with 2 more var in call: status return who say why you come back, and string var with key receive

SUB conINP(tm,inp$,stat%)
' stat%=0 if sub in work (no timeout and waiting key$)
' stat%=1 if end on time-out
' stat%=2 if end on inkey buffer not empty and inp$=key$
local vtm as integer
 vtm = TIMER
 inp$ = ""
 stat% = 0
 if  TIMER - vtm > tm then stat% = 1: exit sUB
 inp$ = INKEY$
 if inp$ <> "" then stat% = 2: exit SUB
 goto etq1

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