Solar buck converter

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Posted: 08:54pm 03 Nov 2019      

Since I want to keep everything safe for myself and others it will need an enclosure. So I thought why not using an old grid tie inverter for that.

It looks like the old casing will house 3 converters just fine.
So I will have inputs for 3 strings, and the outputs of the converters will be paralleled after a series schottky diode. Maybe I put in a fuse on the output, the solarstrings are allready fused.

The heatsink is about 32*54*6 cm so there will be no active ventilation needed, de  pcb I made has solderpads to connect 2 Ntc's for tracking the heatsink and inductor temperature. The µc controller can act when there are things out of range.

The inductors will be placed on top of the capacitors. I hate this part of a project, spent hours to drill an tap those holes.
It's verry hard to finish projects, I hope I could get this job done.
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