Solar buck converter

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Well, I got sick the other day. My body is empty, pushed it to far I geuess. It was a hard year, so I need to throtle back somehow the coming weeks/months. This week I took a few days of and next week my parental leave (2w) starts. I will become a dad for the first time, my wife was calculated for the the second of november...

So back to the project, the breakers are just for reference, I need to buy the right values. Thinking about it now, it would have been better to place one after each converter.

Saved by the sun today, we had 6 days of really clouded days in a row. So the lifepo4 were as close to empty @ 3V/cell. Can't estimate the level of the lead acid ones @2V/cell. I think we know more after this month. Today we will do break even, better days to come they say.

Maybe next week I will have a play with a rpi to see if I can monitor my system on a easy way.

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