Solar buck converter

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Posted: 12:06pm 08 Nov 2019      

  nickskethisniks said  

So I wanted to make 3 "simple" controllers for 48V and max 40Amps, yes today you can buy good controllers for that but whats the fun in that.  

I have to agree with the others, a great looking project and looks like you've done lots of homework. Awesome.

Most of this is new to me  ...  so what sort of money do you have to pay for a mainstream 48V @ 40A controller?

Is that Litz wire in the inductor  ...  or something you combined yourself.

I kept a heap of old Panasonic Inverter Microwave transformers for the Litz wire on them  ...  though don't think I've ever unwound one to find out just how much is on each one.

I'll be following this thread with interest.  

Cheers,  Roger