Solar buck converter

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  nickskethisniks said  Hello,

The pcb was drawn with EasyEDA,
I know it's a chaotic post, I will give more details like schematic, gerbers if wanted and code next time.

I'm happy with the result that's why I want to share it with you guys! Any help how I could improve it is welcome!

Hello Nick,

Could you please share the files for this project as I'm interested to build it for my new home.  

Yes I could but I suggest you first read Peter his thread "150V 45A MPPT - roll your own".
There you find also a very basic µC board and the mppt software.

My pcb was the start of his journey, in the meanwhile, I made some minor changes mostly text. Peter made some small changes to my design too and ordered some boards, those I can share with you so you can order them from jlcpcb.
But then there is the version from wiseguy, he took my design and did a redesign to improve noise imunity, only thrue hole components and added a third parallel mosfet. It is slightly more compact but made in altium so you can only get it thrue him.

If you make an easyeda account, then I can add you to my project.

Sure Nick, I would appreciate that. I already have an Easyeda account with jlc.
Kindly add me to the project.
I've read through Peter's 150V 45A roll MPPT and have also started working towards similar thing.