Help please with PCB making with Press n peel

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Posted: 08:39am 04 Nov 2019      

I have successively used Press n peel to make at least 2 double sided PCBs several years ago.
But over the last few days, I have been trying without success to do another PCB & don't know why it is not working.

I followed the Press n Peel instructions.
i.e. I rubbed the bare copper with steel wool, then washed it with soap & water, then washed the soap off and dried it with a lint free cloth.
But after much ironing, only a few slight traces of tracks were visible.

I also used a procedure I found on an electronics forum which is essentially the same but it uses isopropyl alcohol rather than soap & water.  The result was slightly better, but certainly not adequate.

I really don't know why it worked previously but not this time.  I used the same HP Laser printer.  Could the P n P film by out of date?

I also heard that the PCBs can be made by simply printing the image of paper rather than the P n P film.  But apparently it takes a lot of work to remove the paper.  However, if it works, I will do it that way.

Any assistance will be appreciated.